“Long sleeve shirts” comfortably if not cold. Plus, take beautiful photos

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Long sleeve shirts” can be worn comfortably if not cold. Plus, take beautiful photos too!

Even though Thailand is a tropical country. Where the weather is mostly hot, very hot, and the hottest. But long-sleeved shirt fashion is still popular. Because apart from wearing it according to beautiful fashion, you can also wear it on other occasions as well. No matter what occasion, today we have a technique for buying long sleeve shirts to wear comfortably in every season to share with you. No matter how hot the weather is, It’s definitely not uncomfortable.

1. Choose a transparent fabric. Good ventilation

It doesn’t matter how long the sleeves are. As long as our shirts are able to breathe well. We don’t bother. Or are you able to withstand the heat? Many people think that wearing long-sleeved shirts can only be worn during cold weather. But the reality is Can be worn in every season Just let us choose cotton fabric. or a linen ceiling that breathes well And the fabric is light and airy, not thick, which will allow us to wear it comfortably, no matter how hot the weather is.

So the first tip we recommend is: Mainly look at the fabric. Because if the fabric is comfortable to wear We don’t need to worry about heat anymore.

2. You can wear sunscreen.

Long-sleeved shirts are not only useful for keeping out the cold. But it also helps protect from the sun. Because the sun in Thailand is hot and scorching. Many people cannot avoid exposure to the sun. For this reason, many people wear long-sleeved shirts to protect them from the scorching sun. Or cause the skin to burn, so whoever goes to the beach or has to be exposed to the sun for a long time, let us pick up a long-sleeved shirt and wear it. It is to save our beautiful skin as well.

3. Wear it as a coat.

Wearing a long-sleeved, button-down shirt on a hot day It might make us uncomfortable. And it doesn’t have good ventilation, so we recommend changing the style to a robe. This will help with good ventilation. and not very hot Plus it looks bright and stylish. Anyone who is bored and doesn’t know what kind of clothes to Mix & Match? Try wearing it like this and it looks bright.

4. Put it in an air conditioned room.

For anyone who wants to wear a thick, long-sleeved shirt and feel like they’re in Korea. We recommend that you choose to enter the days when you have to be in the office. Or walk in a department store where the air conditioning is quite cool. We won’t be uncomfortable. Or if you’re so hot you might faint. However, we don’t recommend wearing thick, long-sleeved shirts in extremely hot weather. Because it may make us sick.

Here are 4 simple techniques for wearing long sleeve shirts comfortably. Even if you don’t live in a cold country, you can wear them every day. Let’s go try it at สมัคร ufabet