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What factors increase the risk of diabetes?

What factors increase the risk of diabetes? There are many risk factors that cause diabetes. Part of it comes from genetics that is passed on from generation to generation. Until it comes to the matter of daily life that we may not have paid attention to or

7 danger signs “Breast cancer”

7 danger signs “Breast cancer” Breast cancer  is the leading cancer. that kills many Thai women in a year But if you always know how to observe your own body. You will know that your body has sent out some signals that indicate something is wrong with your body. Report

5 types vegetables help reduce cholesterol Plus take care

5 types of vegetables that help reduce cholesterol Plus take care of your heart health. The food we eat each day determines how healthy our heart is. Eating these vegetables that have high cholesterol-lowering properties can help lower cholesterol levels. And can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Possibility of a deal Liverpool – Thuram

Possibility of a deal Liverpool – Thuram. Latest situation with Liverpool following reports. That the player is not in the interest of the Merseyside outfit. already ยูฟ่าเบท has revealed Liverpool moves over the signing of Nice midfielder Kefren Thuram. over the past few weeks The Reds have sign Alekvis Mac