Young Boys overturned to win Manchester United 2-1

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Young Boys overturned to win Manchester United 2-1. Manchester United, with the remaining 10 men from mid-first half. They lost 2-1 to Young Boys 2-1, conceding a goal in the fifth minute of stoppage time despite having been leading early from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Football Uefa Champions League Group F

Young Boys (Switzerland) 2

Manchester United (England) 1

Stadium: Stadion Wangdorf

Played for 13 minutes, Manchester United took the lead 1-0 from the moment Bruno Fernandes paid for Cristiano Ronaldo to shoot from the right in the box. There was nothing left of the net.

Young Boys tried to attack, which was not scary at all. Michel Ebischer opened the corner for Mohamed Kamara to head but not on the box.

The Red Devils almost ran away as well. In the 25th minute, Bruno paid for Ronaldo to speed up to shoot with the left. But was narrowly brushed off by David von Ballmoos after.

Young Boys overturned to win Manchester United 2-1

Until the 35th minute, Manchester United had to come down to 10 men when Aaron Wan-Bissaka trampled on Christopher Martins Pereira’s ankle in an ugly way. The referee issued a red card and dismissed it.

The first half ended, United still led 1-0, but Young Boys had an advantage over the players.

In the second half, the locals moved on hard. And came to reclaim 1-1 until when Silvan Hefty opened from the starboard, stuffed into the penalty area for Nicholas Ngamaleu, inserted to charge the door.

Young Boys began to attack harder. This ball, Abischer opened the corner for Ulisses Garcia to shoot from far from the left. but the ball doesn’t fit into the frame

In the 5th minute stoppage time, the fans were shocked when the substitute Jesse Lingard went to pass the ball back. But back to the flow, giving Jordan Zibat a single slip to shoot through De Gea’s hand. Tung net ends the game. Young Boys overturned to win Manchester United 2-1. According to ufabet

List of players for both teams

Young Boys: David von Ballmoos; Silvan Hefty, Mohamed Kamara, Sandro Lauper, Ulisses Garcia; Christopher Ma. Martins Pereira, Vincent Serro – Christian Fassnacht, Michel Ebischer, Nicolas Ngamaleu – Messik Elia.

Manchester United: David de Gea – Aaron’s Business Sagar, Viktor Linder Love, Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw – Donny van der Beck. Fred – Jadon Sancho, Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba – Cristiano Ronaldo

Referee: François Letezier (France).