Rio Ferdinand commented on Raheem Sterling after being caught

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Rio Ferdinand commented on Raheem Sterling after being caught. Football guru Rio Ferdinand has commented on Raheem Sterling’s ‘deep performance’ of Manchester City after being caught by boss Josep Guardiola. Position is not as good as the target spear. Until cheering for Liverpool FC to buy back to join the market in Jan 2022.

Sterling was pushed to spear in place of Ferran Torres in the 0-0 draw with Southampton at the weekend. from normal Resulting in damage to all parties, both the club that dropped points. Or the player’s confidence is declining. 

For this reason, Ferdinand sent his concern to the 26-year-old, who was caught by his own team manager Bully when he hit a pair of ‘Saints’ centre-backs like Jack Stephens. with Jan Bednarek According to ufabet

Rio Ferdinand commented on Raheem Sterling after being caught

“The only thing that caused this kind of thing was. Because he was caught playing in the wrong position. Then that pillow lost confidence. He used to be on fire Being a creator of work”, opening the mouth to the channel ‘Five’ on Youtube

“He was someone who had been entrusted with a fever when the team needed a goal over the years. All of which have to play wide. I’m confused. I don’t understand why I’m being pushed into the target. 

“But this is a privilege that Pep Guardiola has achieved more than failed to change his dominant position. which one of the mistakes is probably Sterling… They should sit on their knees and talk.”

“Assuming I’m a Liverpool club, I’ll make an offer to buy Sterling tomorrow.” 

Raheem, in addition to being a former player, ‘Reds’ during the summer market. There are rumors that he may return. As for the winter market, Barcelona is interested in borrowing for use.

Only two seasons ago the England international finished as City’s top scorer with 20 goals during the 2019-20 campaign. But the forward’s influence has steadily dropped since then, much to the surprise of Ferdinand.

The former United defender discussed Sterling’s situation on Vibe with Five and admitted he has been left bewildered by Guardiola’s treatment of the 26-year-old.

While Sterling endured a rather acrimonious departure from Liverpool in 2015. Ferdinand insists the Reds would be ready to move for the forward if he were to be made available – along with his former side at Old Trafford.