O’Hara dared to point out that the problem was only Harry Kane

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O O’Hara dared to point out that the problem was only Kane. Talk Sports commentator Jamie O’Hara believes the reason Tottenham Hotspur’s last two league games have been dominant. Even with a 100% win in the first month due to playing with a slower tempo since Harry Kane, the dramatic striker returned the first line-up.

The first three matches in the league this season, Spurs did not use the England captain to play in the starting lineup. Because of the gloomy desire to move to Manchester City. The result was a 1-0 win with all results, a tough defensive approach. Counterattack with an accelerated rate 

But after the international break, Son Heung-min injured, leaving boss Nuno Espirito Santo with no choice to send Kane back to the first line-up and it appears the team lost 0-3 to Crystal Palace. Due to Chelsea’s way of playing much slower

As a result, former Tottenham midfielder O’Hara dared to point out that the problem was only Harry Kane. 

“It’s an embarrassment for me because Harry Kane is, in my opinion, Mr. Tottenham, but when you look at the body language that’s shown in the game. That guy isn’t in good form,” O’Hara commented. 

“In the beginning of the season, Spurs were having fun when he wasn’t playing. I know that doesn’t sound good because he’s the best. Being the type of person who needs to be in the team, but coming back to this trip It was difficult to help Spurs win the game.” 

“When Berkwein, Moura and Son were in the front line we were in, we managed the game, ran down the opposition. and try to attack the opponent from the counter ball.”

“When Ken came back, he tried to carry everything by himself. some part of the game down to being a midfield who holds the ball even.” 

“That’s too much We need you to settle down. It should come out like that.” 

“I feel he slows the game a step forward for our team.”

“You may not be able to criticize him for what he is. What he has done for this club, but at the moment he is not playing well for Spurs. 

Two consecutive defeats saw Tottenham drop seventh in the table, four points behind leaders Chelsea.