L’Equipe reveals Messi was replaced because his knee injury

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L’Equipe reveals Messi was replaced because his knee injury. According to French publication L’Equipe, the reason Lionel Messi was substituted from the stadium last weekend was due to a knee injury.

L'Equipe reveals Messi was replaced because his knee injury

PSG narrowly beat Olympique Lyonnais 2-1 in Ligue 1 on Sunday night. The Parisians scored the winning goal in stoppage time as Mauro Icardi’s performance helped them win six straight games.

The key question, however, was Messi’s substitution in the 76th minute after the game, with French media asking Pochettino immediately about the matter. But the Argentinian coach avoided answering why. direct

Yet on Monday, L’Equipe reported that the real reason Messi’s substitution left the pitch was because the player had a knee problem.

The report states that during the game at the Parc des Princes. The medical team and the manager asked Messi if he was okay or not. Which the player replied that he could continue playing. But after that, the team assessed the situation before deciding to remove the players. Because they did not risk serious injury.

The incident caused Messi’s displeasure with the obvious expression on his face when he was substituted. Because the players want to continue helping the team. Because at that time the score was still tied at 1-1