Manchester City life is good!

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Manchester City apart from receive good news. About their FA Cup fourth-round qualification. As a wrinkle-free player are also keen to see key winger Raheem Sterling pen an extended contract as his relationship with the football manager. The team of Josep Guardiola was healed to love each other as before.

Reports from ‘ Mail Online ‘ that Raheem has just 18 months left on his current contract. Until he becomes a target for the two La Liga powers Real Madrid and Barcelona .  

However, the English Premier League leaders believe that the 27-year-old can persuade. The 27 -year-old to sign a new contract before the summer of 2022. UFABET With Pep being a key factor .  

The 50 – carat boss had been cold to Raheem last season for unknown reasons. But both of them still have their heads down and work professionally and move on.  

Even the passing of time help to lighten the resentment of both of them. Including likely to adjust personal understanding. So I saw the body language that Sterling displayed on the pitch. Or when he was substituted for coming back to be with Pep again.  

Manchester City an 11 -game winning streak in the league , Sterling started eight games , scoring six goals and providing one assist.