Barcelona plans to send Ousmane Dembele in exchange for Anthony Martial.

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Barcelona are planning to send Ousmane Dembele in exchange for Manchester United striker Anthony Martial. If the contract extension is not met.

The 24-year-old winger’s future is in the spotlight. After negotiations over a new contract with Azulgrana have not finalize and are likely to fail. After both parties can’t find a mutual agreement. Because the players demand too high wages UFABET

Causing the Catalan media ARA to reveal that. Barcelona have prepare a backup plan if Ousmane Dembele contract extension is not complete by sending the French forward in exchange for the Red Devils. Because he does not want to lose players. Free to go after the season.

In the past. Martial. 26 year old has link with a move away from Old Trafford. After not have the opportunity to play as he should this season with Ralph Rangnick. The Red Devils coach confirm that he was looking for a solution for all parties.

However everything depends on the situation of Dembele. Because if it continues like this. An agreement can not be found to extend the new contract. Barcelona are ready to send players to exchange for Martial. Which the media It states that there is now some discussion about the possibility of this matter.