Pep praises Olmo for high performance

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Pep praises Olmo for high performance. Pep Guardiola has hailed RB Leipzig’s 23-year-old forward Daniel Olmo for his developments over the years ahead of Manchester City’s clash with RB Leipzig. Pzig in the Champions League on Wednesday. According to ufabet

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has hailed RB Leipzig’s Daniel Olmo as a top player with a bright future ahead of him. Ahead of the opening day of the club’s Etihad Stadium, they will face visitors from Bir in the Champions League group stage first on Wednesday, Sky Sports reported on Tuesday. 

Olmo, a former Barcelona boy, has grown rapidly in recent years. After moving from ‘La Masia’ to build up with Dinamo Zagreb before moving to football with current RB Leipzig.

Pep led the sailing team to face Zagreb in The group stage of the sixth match of 2019, where Olmo scored the first goal of Maxime Stadion, would have earned the Spaniard’s praise since then.

Pep praises Olmo for high performance

‘He’s a top player. He certainly has a bright future.’ 

‘His performance today shows about the transfer and the money he deserves That’s not the point.’

‘The point is he’s an incredible player. And I’m pretty sure he can play in a strong league in Europe, hopefully if Dinamo wants and he wants. It can happen,’ Guardiola said of Olmo in 2019. 

Guardiola was also asked to comment on Olmo’s development, as well as memories of the 23-year-old forward during his time at Barcelona’s ‘La Masia’ training centre. probably

‘Dani grew up in Barcelona’s academy, it wasn’t easy. He moved to Dinamo Zagreb, it took personality and courage.’

‘He’s grown a lot there and Leipzig over the years has been one of the three best teams in Germany. He plays with the Spanish national team. And that’s not easy to get involved there.’

‘He played really well. And what happens in the future will depend on him, his agent, the club,’ Pep said.