Guru supported the Swans to hold Sadio Mane a little longer.

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Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher has revealed that. He is a huge fan of the hardworking forward Sadio Mane. So it would be disheartening if the 2022 summer was sold to Bayern Munich at least. Until the end of the contract another season is still good.

Mane had just the final year of his contract. Until he was linked with ‘ Southern Tigers ‘ and Barcelona last week. But despite outside interference. The 30 – year-old scored the winning goal in yesterday’s 2-1 win over Aston Villa that put the team on top of Manchester City .  

Good deeds that have been done for 4-5 years , plus the form is cooking in the pot, ‘ Carra ‘ as an alumni ‘ Reds ‘ therefore willing to lose gold as head But not the top. UFABET Who loses the attacker, who is important to anyone.

The former Merseyside vice-captain said about Sadio Mane.

” When I had the opportunity to watch Liverpool play as a fan , Sadio Mane was my favorite ”

“ There is something that fascinates Mane, he sacrifices himself all the time there. Switch positions to go – come. “

“ That guy who has coordinated Salah for the past five years – and they’ve never been seriously injured ! Play it week after week for 90 minutes , accumulating it every week. What you have done to this football club is unbelievable. ” 

“ I’m a huge fan of Sadio Mane and can guarantee that he won’t go anywhere. Because he will volunteer to block him joining the Bayern Munich army, it must reach our hands for this event !” 

Meanwhile, Jamie Redknapp and Dion Dublin , two other analysts at the camp, agree that Mane’s benefits at Anfield are immense.

The Senegal star has 15 league goals, all with open play, with four more assists, equal to manager Jurgen Klopp, with three players scoring 15 goals in the league alongside Moja . Med Salah (22 goals ) and Diogo Jota (15 goals )