Barcelona and Real Madrid remain unmoved about Fabian Ruiz.

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Barcelona and Real Madrid remain unmoved despite reports of interest in Napoli midfielder Fabian Ruiz. La Gazzetta dello Sport has revealed that. Although the Spaniard has link with interest from Azul Grana and Real Madrid. The two La Liga clubs have yet to make an offer. It’s official for Napoli to consider.

The 26-year-old midfielder’s contract is currently set to expire in mid-2023. And the player has no intention of extending a new contract.

Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis has offered Fabian Ruiz two options: A long-term contract extension offered by the club. And another option is to enter the trading market this summer.

Believe that both Barca and Real Madrid want to UFABET wait for clarity until the end of the season. In addition, both clubs have to wait to see the situation at the club. Such as finances as well as the direction of reinforcements for next season.

 Ruiz become one of Napoli’s key players last season. After the players were given the opportunity to enter the field for 40 matches from all competitions. And sent the ball into the bottom of the net 7 goals by the macaroni media reveal that. The 23-year-old star player who has compare to the legendary Spanish national team Xabi. Become a fragrant football player when four major European clubs show interest.  

Fabian Ruiz

Player who moved the team with a high fee. But that’s because it was a move to Napoli. In the past, Fabian Ruiz was one of the cogs behind Real Betis’ stubborn form. But it looks far from being included in the senior team. Because Spain, of course, is one nation that is very competitive in every position. And especially in the midfield, the current game-driven linkage is very good. But it is unlikely that Andreas Inianta and David Silva retire maybe soon. He might have seen him appear in Luis Enrique’s Spanish gang.