Des Zerbie urged Brighton to make amends in the league to win European.

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Brighton manager Roberto De Zerbi has revealed. His disappointment after missing out on the FA Cup final and urged his side to continue in the league to secure a place in Europe.

Brighton fought with Manchester United with dignity until the 120-minute tie at 0-0. Had to take a penalty shoot-out to decide before the “Red Devils” scored more precisely than won 7-6. And entered the final against Manchester City and Brighton heartbroken out of the playoffs. 

De Serbi said after the game: “Football is like this. We are very disappointed and sad. we played great We have a lot of injuries. And we must be hurt by this situation. It’s sad for us and our fans”

“We made a few mistakes in the final pass around the box but I’m really pleased with the performance of my players.”

“We need to forget about this. And thinking about Wednesday’s next match at Nottingham. We have many more games to play. And we want to play in Europe.

Brighton are currently eighth in the table with 49 points, 10 points clear of Europe. But have nine games left to play, with their next game at Forest on Wednesday April 26 UFABET

Brighton are seeking their first major trophy since the club’s founding in 1901 after reaching the FA Cup final in 1983. But lost 4-0 to Manchester United in the replay following a draw before 2-2. Which if they win the championship. They will enter the Europa League group stage next season